Canadian Whitetail Deer Outfitters

Canadian Whitetail Deer Hunting

The Canadian Whitetail Deer is one of the most plentiful species of large animals in all of North America. This species gets its name from the snow-white underside that is revealed when it lifts its tail.

These majestic animals will often grow to a height exceeding one meter (from ground to shoulders) and can weigh upwards of 200 Kg when fully grown.

Due to their feeding habits, whitetail deer are found primarily in wooded areas or in places with plenty of low shrubs.

Canadian Whitetail Deer Hunting Outfitters 

Our Whitetail deer hunts take place in the dense boreal forest of Northern Alberta, a few hours drive Northwest of Edmonton.

Years of Whitetail Deer hunts have given us thorough insight into where the best crossing areas, scrape lines, and food sources are for Whitetails, helping us to find them quickly.

This means we’ll be able to give you the best opportunity to get a prime shot at a trophy potential Whitetail.

For your comfort, we also provide heated blinds and accommodation in our comfortable lodge for the duration of the hunt.

Book Your Canadian Whitetail Deer Hunt With Udells

Ready for the experience of a lifetime? Our seasoned staff have gone on dozens of hunts and have the knowledge required to provide you with a hunting experience you will never forget. We’ll help you track the sometimes elusive Canadian whitetail deer and put you in a position to take the perfect shot.

We provide a whitetail deer hunting experience that caters to hunters of all skill levels, so if you’re new to hunting, don’t worry – we’ll get you started on the right path!

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