Wolf Hunting



Wolves are particularly difficult to hunt, and to be successful you need to be the kind of hunter that enjoys the hunt as much or more than the kill. Wolves are extremely cautious, and simply prefer not to be seen. The wolf population here is excellent and because of our Alberta Wolf Management program there are no limits on the number of wolves you can harvest.

We hunt these predators from December – March when their coats are thick and at their best. The hunts are conducted over baits. The baits are set up where recent wolf activity and sightings have been observed. Patience and persistence are a virtue when hunting wolves. You never know when one of these majestic animals will appear.

You will have opportunities to see coyotes on this hunt and are included on your wolf license. We can also accommodate groups on this hunt and if you give is a call, we can discuss rates for multiple hunters for a hunt that will give you all a great opportunity for success.

Alberta Canada Wolf Hunting


Alberta Canada Wolf Hunting


To ensure your hunt is locked in we require a deposit of 50% of the cost of your hunt. For hunts more than a year out we will accept a $1000.00 deposit and ask you to increase it to the 50% at a specified date. You will be given a contract and liability waiver, once these steps are completed your hunt will be 100% locked in for the dates you selected. Final payment will be due well before your hunt and varies depending on the hunt and season you choose. It will be clearly indicated on your contract.

Read our hunt terms & booking information before you book your hunt.

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