Alberta Whitetail Outfitters

About Alberta Whitetail Deer

Alberta is home to some of the finest trophy whitetail deer in all of Canada. But exactly what is a Whitetail deer? And why is Alberta the ideal location to find them?

The Whitetail deer is one of the most widely distributed species out of any of North America’s large mammals. It can be found from the southern tip of South America, through the U.S, and up into Canada.

Alberta has a particularly large population of Whitetail Deer because they enjoy its relatively small population and the abundance of food opportunities throughout the region.

Alberta Whitetail Hunting

Alberta whitetail hunting can be a very rewarding endeavour. Not only do you get to travel off the beaten path and reconnect with nature, but you also have the opportunity to spot countless whitetails scattered throughout the Northern reaches of our beautiful province.

Whether you’ve never been hunting before or you’re a seasoned veteran, our Alberta Whitetail outfitters can make your experience one to remember. Your adventure will take place about two hours northwest of Edmonton, where the Whitetail population is currently thriving.

In this area, we have pre-selected a number of areas across the natural landscape that will give you the best shot at one of the majestic animals.

Alberta Whitetail Outfitters

Looking for an experienced Whitetail outfitter in Alberta? Udell’s hunting has you covered! Our Alberta whitetail deer hunts take place in November during peak rutting season. This time provides a great opportunity to get a shot at 150” to 160” class deer or even larger. During a hunt with us, you’ll be set up in stands and blinds overlooking pre-scouted areas.

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