Alberta Hunting Expedition

Thinking of planning the Alberta hunting expedition of a lifetime? Look no further than Udells’s! Our experienced team has several years’ worth of experience guiding hunters on hunts for various types of wild game. We’ll make sure you get in position for the perfect shot and have a chance at bringing home a trophy-grade animal.

Why Choose Us for Your Alberta Hunting Expedition?

There are a number of reasons why Udell’s is the best choice for your next Alberta hunting expedition:

We Offer a Variety Of Big Game Hunts

Moose hunting – these hunts take place during the September/October rut. We also offer late-season moose hunts that extend into November.

Black bear hunting – join us in April or June for one of our black bear hunts. During this time, you’ll have a chance to get a shot at many colour-phased bears in our area, including blonde, cinnamon, brown, and black.

Whitetail deer hunting – this hunt takes place during the peak rut in November. Because whitetails are very active at this time, it is one of our most exciting hunts!

Standard mule deer hunting – this hunt is geared towards the hunter looking for a great adventure with the opportunity to harvest a high-quality animal.

Trophy mule deer hunting – these hunts last six days and are geared towards the hunter looking for the trophy of a lifetime.

Elk hunting – this hunt takes place during the mid-September rut and is one of the most physically taxing we offer.

Wolf hunting – one of the most difficult hunts around, our Wolfhunts take place from December to March.

We also provide clients with the opportunity to create custom hunting packages based on their goals for their Alberta hunting expedition!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to transform the Alberta hunting expedition of your dreams into reality!