Alberta Elk Hunting Outfitters

Canada is home to more than 70,00 elk, many of which reside in Alberta. These beautiful and majestic animals are much larger than deer, however, they are actually a member of the same species. But not only are these animals majestic and beautiful, but they are also one of the most rewarding types of game to hunt.

When are Our Alberta Elk Hunts?

In order to take advantage of the fall rut, our elk hunts usually take place in mid-September. This is the prime opportunity to find trophy-potential elk in Alberta.

We also provide the chance for you to join us on our elk hunts past September (into October and even November), however, due to the decreased activity of Elk during this time, we will combine the hunt with another species.

Where Do We Hunt Elk in Alberta?

Our hunts take place in the beautiful Peace River Country that can be found in Northwestern Alberta. Here, elk are in high supply as they enjoy the thick wooded river valley and agricultural fields where food is plentiful.

What to Expect on Our Elk Hunts

Out of all our Alberta hunting experiences, our elk hunts are the most physically demanding. This is in large part due to the extensive ground covered on foot that is required to get into prime position.

During the day, you’ll spend a fair amount of time calling and tracking the bulls. During the nights, you’ll stay in our remote tent camp (September-October) or else our comfortable log lodge (November).

How to Book an Alberta Elk Hunting Outfitter

If you’re in need of an Alberta elk hunting outfitter, Udell’s hunting is the best choice. Our experienced team has lead countless expeditions for hunters of all skill levels throughout Alberta’s beautiful natural geography. Our hunts include:

  • Deer
  • Elk
  • Black bears
  • Moose
  • Wolf
  • More!

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