Alberta Elk Hunting Outfitters

Alberta is home to some of the best elk hunting in all of North America. However, if you’ve never been on an elk hunt before, it’s nice to have an experience elk hunting outfitter with you to show you the ropes.

Udell’s has been a trusted Alberta elk hunting outfitter for years, and their friendly team would love to show you the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Where is The Best Elk Hunting in Alberta?

Many would agree that the best elk hunting in Alberta can be found in the peace river county of North-Western Alberta. This is due to the fact that elk thrive in the deep, tree-lined river valley in the area. Also, large agricultural plots of land are an abundant food source for Alberta elk, and such areas are plentiful in this region.

This area requires bulls to have at least 3 points on one side to be legally harvested, however, we often provide hunters with a shot at 5 or 6 point mature bulls of trophy calibre.

What to Expect During Our Elk Hunts

As a premier Alberta elk hunting outfitter, Udell’s provides an experience like no other.

Our hunts typically take place during the rut in mid-September. As this hunt, in particular, is physically exhausting, we recommend that only those in decent physical shape take part.

You will spend the day in the timber, calling and moving after bulls.

During this hunt, you will be housed in our remote tent camp. However, if your hunt extends into November, you’ll likely enjoy the comfortable accommodations provided by our beautiful log lodge.

Alberta Elk Hunting Outfitters – Udell’s

If you’re considering going on an Elk hunt but don’t know how to get started, look no further than Udell’s Guiding and Outfitters. Our team of experienced Alberta elk hunting outfitters would love to help you out! Between our staff, we have been on hundreds of hunts and know all the best places to get the perfect shot.

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